The Willow:
This cute cottage would look great anywhere, but especially on a private lot with room for a garden. The kitchen is away from the traffic pattern making it convenient for the cook. A private bath with a shower for yourself or guests, and a simple island for you to eat or sip a cup of coffee, You have all you need for simple living. The Willow is great for a weekend get-away, yet comfortable enough for full time living. Pick out your colors and your siding design. Design it to your tastes. You or your guests will be comfortable and cozy.

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What is an ADU?
A new buzz word has hit the housing market and many communities are busy enacting zoning to accommodate it. ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, are designed to cover several different housing needs. Simply put, an ADU is a living space that is separated from the main residence. Usually, ADUs are an apartment placed on top of a garage or even a separate, smaller home located on the same property as the primary living space. Sometimes these ADUs are called “Granny Flats” or “Bachelor’s Quarters.” Whatever you want to call them, ADUs are starting to gain popularity, especially in areas without affordable housing. They offer a great alternative to your traditional multi-family dwelling and are often less expensive to rent than your normal apartment.
Who are they for?
Typically used by elderly parents or individuals that aren’t able to afford a market-rate apartment, ADUs help provide a downsized living space at an affordable rate. Most ADUs run anywhere from 400 square feet to 900 square feet in size. Our Retreat Collection of modular homes fits perfectly in this range with our smallest plan being 481 square feet and our largest at 600 square feet. Any of these plans would work perfectly as an ADU and offer a great home-y feel.
Where can I get one?
Interested in building an ADU? Check your local zoning restrictions and make sure that they are allowed. Although ADUs are a great form of affordable housing and many communities support the idea, some residential areas are opposed to ADUs and zoning restrictions make it illegal to build them on your property. If your residential zoning codes allow ADUs, then take a look at our Retreat Collection! We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!

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