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These homes have been pre-engineered for high wind zones up to and including 180 mph. They have also been designed for ELEVATED foundations, although some renderings do not depict this.

IMPORTANT: Fast-Tracked plans – NO structural changes.

However, you can select your décor finishes from your builder (by viewing our Décor section), such as optional paint colors, countertops, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinet colors, flooring, and roofing colors, etc. View Affinity’s Décor selections here.
Want to learn more about how modular homes stand up to hurricane winds? Check out this Affinity article written on how our homes withstood Hurricane Irma in the Keys, or watch the video below to see how well our homes weathered Hurricane Ian in SW FL.

Versions of the Wickliffe

Versions of the Kingfisher

Versions of the Fish Hawke

Versions of the Deerwood

Cherokee Rose Rebuild Series

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View these 8 simple steps to make the buying process as simple as possible. *Please note that Step 3 is shortened, and in some cases, eliminated by your selection of these preapproved plans. 

Save time and money! Select a pre-approved high wind plan.


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