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Hi there, welcome to the Affinity Home Buying Guide! Learn about the process behind purchasing an Affinity modular home. We’ve broken the process up into 8 simple steps to make the buying process as simple as possible.

Step 1

Can You Build This?
How Much do Modular Homes Cost?
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Affinity Building Systems works with local independent builders who are approved to build our modular homes in a specific region. The Affinity Builder works through preliminary budgets with you and discusses the home buying process. With Affinity Building Systems, you get the home you want!

Step 2

Financing a Modular Home

If financing is needed, Affinity customers choose a local financing source, or the Affinity Builder recommends a bank that is familiar with the Affinity home buying process. Modular homes get financed just like any site built home.


Learn more about modular home financing on the Quicken Loans website!  They do a great job of outlining how to finance a modular home and explaining the differences between modular and manufactured homes.

Step 3

Design Development
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You can start with a standard Affinity modular home design, or your builder will work with you to tweak the design to fit your needs. We have hundreds of other plans that have been pre-designed but aren’t on our website. If you have a plan that you would like us to consider, we can evaluate the design to determine if it can be “modularized” without changing the aesthetics of the plan. Some plans can take several hours to design and will require a drawing fee to be submitted to Affinity.

We also take into consideration the foundation of your home and what works best for your situation. A home being put on a crawl space must be built differently than a stilt home.

Step 4

Finalizing Your Order
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Once you have completed the conceptual design, the builder orders the modular home from the factory. The builder signs a purchase agreement with Affinity, and they send in a deposit for the home. The Affinity engineering department completes the plans necessary for the building permits while you finalize your color selections. Items such as countertops, kitchen & bathroom fixtures, cabinet colors, flooring and shingle colors (if included) get selected at this time. The plan approvals (Sealed Prints) process takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to complete. This depends on the complexity of your plans and which state your new home goes to.

Step 5

Building Your New Home In The Factory
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Once your builder completes the building permit process, the foundation work starts. At this time, your home gets put into production. The actual build time in the factory for your home is about 4 weeks, but the current status of our backlog determines when your home gets scheduled for production.

Step 6

The House Delivery and Set
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The modules that make up your new home get carefully delivered to your site in preparation for the actual setting of the home on the foundation. Each module is lifted into place with a crane and secured to the foundation. Most sets get completed in one day. By the end of the set day, your home is set, secured, and weather tight on the foundation. 

Step 7

On Site Finishes
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Now that your new modular home is set, the builder starts on the completion process. Electrical, plumbing, and heating connections are completed. Exterior siding gets completed along with porches, decks, patios, walkways, and garages. Some minor interior carpentry and drywall are completed prior to the installation of floor coverings. Some items purchased with your home are installed on site. Your builder, along with sub-contractors of their choice, includes them in the completion of the home at this time.

Step 8

The Final Step
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Now that your home is complete, it is ready for a final inspection by the local Building Department. They ensure that the home is compliant with all the State and Local Building Codes and Practices. Once the inspections are complete, a Certificate of Occupancy gets issued and you can now move into your new Affinity Building Systems modular home! Want to see the inside of an Affinity Modular Home? Take a virtual tour here!

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Site-Built Construction vs. Modular Construction Scheduling

The chart below is from the Modular Building Institute. It highlights the potential schedule savings of modular construction over traditional on-site builds.

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We are a leading manufacturer of high-performance modular structures for single-family or multi-family residences, hospitality, and commercial structures such as offices, hotels, apartments, etc. Our modular buildings are built to the same building codes as traditional site-built construction. Affinity Building Systems, based in Lakeland, Georgia, provides modular buildings to independent, authorized builders throughout the Southeast.

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