We all know that no home is truly “hurricane-proof,” but modular homes do tend to withstand hurricanes very well. Regarding hurricanes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has reported that modular homes “…performed much better than conventional residential framing.” FEMA has praised modular homes for their “inherently rigid systems” time and time again, and although modular homes aren’t technically “hurricane-proof,” we know that they are certainly safer than site-built homes.

The images above are of homes built by Affinity that went through Hurricane Irma in 2017. One of them was built 9 years ago. Although suffering a few shingles blown off, lightly damaged siding, and missing porch fan blades, the home is perfectly fine! Unfortunately, some nearby homes did not fare so well in the storm.



Want to learn more about the resilience of modular homes? Check out this article on modularhomeowners.com! It explores several reasons why modular homes are safer than site-built homes.

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