Cherokee Rose Collection

Allow us to introduce our new Cherokee Rose Collection! These homes are designed, priced, and ready to build with approved plans available now.

One of the biggest challenges we face as a successful modular home manufacturer is a long production backlog. Add the time and expense of getting plans through the submittal process, and it becomes an obstacle for many people that are “ready to buy” now.

The Benefits

Save Money: Engineering fees are included, saving you $3,000-$3,750 depending on the plan.

Save Time: Engineering is already completed, saving you time. This allows you immediate access to your permitting process.

The home can be placed on the production schedule as soon as your deposit and contract are received.

You will have the benefit of streamlined pricing, geared towards volume rather than customization.

What’s the Difference?

The plans come as they are designed. Several popular options have been built into the design, but other than those, there are no structural changes allowed.

Plans are available for Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. (Not available in HVHZ zones)

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