1563 Sq Ft Heated/Cooled
3 Bedrooms
2 Baths

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The rendering above shows Hemby#1 with Garage completed on site by others.

The Hemby Cottage #1 floor plan provides 1,563 square feet of heated/cooled space. The garage is completed on site (like shown in the rendering). Alternatively, The Hemby Cottage #2 is a floor plan that does not include a garage but instead has a factory built porch on the front of the home. Hemby #2 provides 1,563 square feet of heated/cooled space, with a total of 1,770 square feet under roof.

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*Most plans can be built on a crawl space or raised foundation (pilings) regardless of how the home is depicted in its rendering.

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Due to continuous product improvement prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. The square footage and other dimensions are approximate. Renderings are not intended to be an accurate representation of the home and are often shown with optional features and/or third-party additions that can be added at additional cost if available in your region or situation.

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