1632 Sq Ft Heated/Cooled
1920 Sq Ft Under Roof
3 Bedrooms
2.5 Baths

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The Sunset Shack is designed with a small footprint. Featuring 3 bedrooms and 2½ baths, you have 1,632 SF of living space making this narrow plan a sweet retreat. Quite possibly the biggest advantage of a narrow building footprint is access to natural light. Narrow layouts permit daylight to enter the full depth of a space. Floor plans that are one room wide gather and distribute light very efficiently. This is great news for buyers, because it means that they can maximize space while enjoying amazing floor plans and features at the same time. You also have the benefit of narrow lot living because of the affordability. The smaller the lot, the lower the cost. By purchasing a less sizable plot of land, you will immediately be saving yourself a significant amount of money. Buying a narrow lot also allows you to purchase land that may not have been within your price range. Whether you wish to live closer to the city for work, or to be close to family, with narrow style lot living, you can live in your dream house, in your dream location, without draining your bank account or savings.

*Most plans can be built on a crawl space or raised foundation (pilings) regardless of how the home is depicted in its rendering.

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Due to continuous product improvement prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. The square footage and other dimensions are approximate. Renderings are not intended to be an accurate representation of the home and are often shown with optional features and/or third-party additions that can be added at additional cost if available in your region or situation.

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