Heritage Bible College

Savannah, GA

Recently, we paid a visit to our friends over at Heritage Bible College in Savannah, GA. They recently purchased a 20-bedroom modular dormitory from us to serve as housing for their male student population. This dormitory marks their third modular building from Affinity. They have an identical dormitory for their female students, and the 6-bedroom dorm that used to house the male students is now being converted into additional office space for their administrative staff.

Dr. Ryan Ralston
Heritage Bible College
Savannah, GA

Dr. Ryan Ralston

Meet Dr. Ryan Ralston, the president of Heritage Bible College of Savannah, GA. Dr. Ralston also serves as the pastor for the Savannah Holy Church of God. He and his wife have been married for 29 years. Together, they have 3 children, and the oldest of them recently got married and had Dr. Ralston’s first grandchild. Dr. Ralston loves to read, spend time with his family, travel, and shoot some hoops.

During our visit, we got to spend some time with Dr. Ralston, and we asked him about his experience with Affinity and modular construction as a whole. Keep reading below to find out what he has to say!

About the College

“Heritage Bible College is devoted to training young people from a Pentecostal Holiness worldview. The Bible College’s hallmark is a culture of training that bridges theology with practice, extends the learning environment beyond the classroom, and promotes student growth and ministry success. Faculty, staff, and students embrace core values expressed through integrity, civility, kindness, collaboration, and a commitment to a lifelong learning, wellness, and responsibility.” –  www.heritagebible.college

The school is small and focused with roughly 40+ students. The school’s intention is to train its students to enter into full-time ministry positions right out of college, debt-free. It accomplishes this with small class sizes to provide a very hands-on learning experience and low-cost tuition to eliminate large student debt.

On-Campus Amenities

The campus offers several exceptional amenities to its students. On the school’s 46-acre campus, students have access to a staffed cafeteria for lunch and dinner, library, gymnasium, volleyball court, student housing, and the grounds to ride their bikes, exercise, or study.

Student Modular Housing

The housing on the campus is where Affinity comes in. So far, Heritage Bible College has purchased 3 modular dormitories from us, two identical 20-bedroom dorms for their male and female student population, and a 6-bedroom dorm that has been converted to office space for the school’s administrative staff.

We asked Dr. Ralston why he chose to go with modular construction over site-building methods, here’s what he had to say:


“…a few years ago, we built our K – 12 school building and life center. It’s about 20,000 square feet, so it’s a stick-built building. It took a lot longer to build. Just because you’ve got so many variables. You’ve got crews you are trying to maintain., general contractors you’re working through, things of that nature. So the cost fluctuated a little bit while we were building that building. It was around 2008 when we built that building, and there was a lot going on in the economy, and some of the demand increased, supplies were scarce. So, we really ran over budget.”

Evaluation and Consideration

“When we started talking about building buildings for the college, the modular market seemed to come back kind of strong. I know that early in the decade, around 2010 or so, was kind of a downturn for them as well, but it seemed like they came back pretty strong. We started talking about ways to control cost, and when we were talking about a way to control cost, that made us look strongly at the modular market.”

Speeding Things Up

“It kind of expedites the process. Our county seems to be, not anti-building, but it seems to get tough to build stuff in our county. So, that was another thing we looked at pretty hard because they’re not as business-friendly when it comes to building projects. The modular concept allowed us to expedite some things and roll things into one decision, instead of having decisions with multiple layers and multiple people involved. It was an efficient way to build and time-wise as well.” – Dr. Ryan Ralston

Benefits of Modular Construction

Decision Making

Dr. Ralston is a firm believer in modular construction, and he appreciates how easy the process is. With modular construction, you are able to streamline the building process and combine quite a few decisions into one.

Controlling Costs

Modular construction also allows you to control costs. Like Dr. Ralston stated, with stick-built construction, you are more prone to fluctuating prices. In site-built constructions, it is hard to judge material needs, and by the time you need to order more, the prices have gone up.


Modular construction is a much more efficient way to build. Because modular homes are built in a controlled environment where multiple steps can take place at once, it takes far less time to manufacture a modular structure than building on-site.

Environmentally Conscious

The modular industry also lends itself to green building. In modular construction, building materials are stored indoors and are not being damaged by the elements. A lot of material that would typically end up in a dumpster for a site-built home is re-purposed and used in other departments in a modular setting. This results in far less wasted material in modular construction.

Strength of Modular Structures

We asked Dr. Ralston about how he felt about the strength of our buildings. Although he is not a contractor or an engineer, he has had first-hand experience with our buildings during a natural disaster. When Hurricane Matthew passed over Savannah in 2016, a few of their buildings had to undergo some repairs, while the 6-bedroom dormitory that we supplied them did not endure any damage. “…when Matthew came through, we didn’t have any issues with the Affinity building. We are completely comfortable building with Affinity on the coast, no hesitations whatsoever,” said Dr. Ralston.

If you’d like to learn more about the resilience of modular homes, take a look at our blog post, Are Modular Homes Hurricane Proof?

Working with Affinity

“We love working with Affinity. We feel that the quality is superior in the modular market. The concept and the quality of the Affinity building is why we came back,” said Dr. Ralston

Dr. Ralston’s response was very flattering when we asked him about his experiences with Affinity. He was impressed by the quality of our buildings and loved the whole modular process. One of his biggest praises was his experience with our building consultants.

“[Our building consultants]  …serve as the conduit between us and the company. They really keep things moving on track, and any information I need, it’s available. That’s been a huge, huge plus for us and our relationship with Affinity.” said, Dr. Ralston.

Dr. Ralston has been a pleasure to work with, and we hope to continue our relationship with Heritage Bible College in Savannah, GA.

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