At Affinity Building Systems, LLC we practice green building construction every day. In the modular home industry, some of these practices are universal, however, we go above and beyond to ensure quality and that environmentally responsible building materials are used.

Benefits of a Green Modular Home

Building in a centralized facility provides higher efficiency and greater precision. We reduce consumption of raw materials by recycling or repurposing them. In turn, we produce MUCH less waste than traditional site-built construction, which contributes to > 40% of landfill waste.

Protecting our building materials prevents you from paying for negligence or waste due to damage from the elements.

All exposed exterior wall surfaces are covered with a wind wrap/moisture barrier, creating a weather barrier system.

Green Construction Practices

We customarily use light paint colors on the interior and exterior, contributing to energy efficiency. All paints used are low VOC.

We use WaterSense-labeled faucets, shower heads and toilets, which are certified to reduce water usage by at least 20%.

We build fiberglass insulated floors, walls, & roofs with standards meeting ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Our standard water heater and windows are ENERGY STAR® rated, as well as our appliance options available to you. Additionally, we use Low-E standard windows.

We use environmentally responsible building materials including, but not limited to: OSB sheathing & decking, copper wiring, steel strapping, brass fittings for water lines, engineered wood products.

These Green best practices save on costs for both the present and future.

Building a home doesn’t have to be a wasteful process!

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