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Building Orientation for Optimum Energy

Ever wondered why building orientation is so important? The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) recently published an article stressing the importance of the orientation of new homes:

“Building orientation is the practice of facing a building so as to maximize certain aspects of its surroundings, such as street appeal, to capture a scenic view, for drainage considerations, etc. With rising energy costs, it’s becoming increasingly important for builders to orient buildings to capitalize on the Sun’s free energy. For developers and builders, orienting a new home to take advantage of the warmth of the Sun will increase the home’s appeal and marketability. For homeowners, it will increase their indoor comfort and reduce their energy bills.”

“Thus, building orientation, along with daylighting and thermal mass, are crucial considerations of passive solar construction that can be incorporated into virtually any new home design. InterNACHI inspectors who consult with new homeowners can pass along this valuable information to help their clients reap long-term energy benefits and savings.”

To learn more about building orientation check out the full article from InterNACHI here:

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