The video above shows footage of the destruction Hurricane Ian caused in Southwest Florida after making landfall October, 2022. The Affinity Building Systems homes that are featured were built prior to the Hurricane making landfall, but the footage was taken after the Hurricane raked a path of destruction across the state of Florida. The homes sustained little to no damage, only losing a few shingles, remaining structurally sound. We have already begun to help residents in the area rebuild their homes that were lost. Contact us to learn more about our Fast Track plans which can be built on elevated foundations and to withstand wind speeds of 180 mph.

If you were affected by Hurricane Ian and are looking to rebuild, check out our Fast Track plans here.

Water Test Chart

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Immediate Absorption:
Apply a couple of layers of sealer once a year, and be sure to wipe up spills quickly.

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4-5 Minutes:
Several layers of sealer are needed but only re-seal your countertops every 3-5 years. Reference this water test again before reapplying.

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10 Minutes:
Apply one layer of sealer. It may take many years before you need to re-apply any granite countertop sealer.

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30 Minutes (Or doesn’t absorb):
You don’t need to apply any more sealer. Your granite countertops aren’t very porous!

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